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The inventory compilation is the initial appointment where we will attend to dictate the description and condition of the property, in most circumstances a few days before the start of the first tenancy.

Further to attending the dictation will be typed into our professional format ready for the tenants to arrive a few days later by our experienced and dedicated team of typists and administrators.

Our inventories are produced to the highest possible standard and detail to ensure that the condition of the property is comprehensively recorded and the document is produced to a standard more than capable of being used for its intended purpose through the course of any tenancy.

Clerks will provide a report at compilation on any cleaning, bulbs or maintenance issues which may need attendance to assist you in presenting the property in the best possible condition and start any tenancy in a hassle free manner.

It is always wise to remember the better the condition you provide the property in the better you can expect it back in at the end. To discuss this or any of our other services please call us or use the simple business enquiry form and we will be in touch shortly.

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