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Home Inventories was formed as a company in 2004 and due to changes in Housing Act legislation in 2007 the company launched itself a second time to meet the needs of the situation. Over the last 5 years our client base has grown extensively mainly through personal recommendation growing from 1 to numerous clients.

Having tried and tested a number of different ways of working over the years we have constantly evolved to adapt to the feedback we received from both clients and clerks. With a firm belief in listening to everyone this had seen numerous developments to both the reports we produce and the way we work during this time.

 The current high quality inventory reports and service produced are as a result of us taking into consideration these suggestions and feedback from our clients of the years, and yet we are still looking for ways to improve. This continuous development and the resulting product enable us to provide easy to use detailed reports for which we are known throughout the industry.

Working alongside some of the most prestigious Agents within the industry has given us access to extensive experience of working with relocation companies, top level executives, company owners and celebrities. We provide the same superior level of customer service to all our clients that would be expected by the most discerning clients.