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Every Landlord has a huge investment in their rental property which requires protecting in the best possible way. Inventories is the only way to protect your property against damage by the Tenant and without one present any claim will no doubt be dismissed by the deposit protection schemes.

Having a comprehensive inventory will provide you an assurance policy that all cleaning issues and any damages or dilapidations caused by the Tenant will be compensated fairly at the end of a tenancy.

Providing you with a useful tool at the start of a tenancy the inventory can also be used for preparing the property and resolving the issues surrounding transferring the property to the Tenant such as utilities and rates

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You would not rent a house without buildings insurance, but in reality this will not protect you from the greatest risk which is expensive and costly repairs or cleaning which could  be described as the Tenant’s responsibility. more....
Time is one of the most valuable commodities in a modern day world, as a company we aim to reduce the amount of time you need to spend dealing with queries by spending time with your tenant answering their queries. more...
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Ongoing support is always available from our main office and we have years of experience you can rely on to provide the best possible advice. Whether it be a small amendment to the inventory that you want noted or a more serious issues. more....
All our clerks are thoroughly and rigorously trained and monitored on a regular basis. Professionally dressed and presented at all times they will present an image which represents the nature of our service and provides legitimacy to the quality of our reports. more...