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Following government guidelines the use of video tours and video viewings are now part of the new normal for the property sales and lettings marketing process.

The good news is that recent reports from many property agents show that videos have been amazingly effective at influencing which property shoppers shortlist for advanced negotiations or make an offer based on the video alone.

As the market adjusts the commons questions are:

  • Who is in the best position to record, edit if necessary, and publish these videos?
  • How will you make them engaging enough to stand out from the competition so that a deal for your property happens faster, easier and safely?
  • In addition to a video tour will you need to go to the property to conduct live video viewings too?
  • Will this be a significant cost for the property owner or an affordable investment?

Our Answers AreOur Solution

We launched our video tour/ video viewing and marketing photography services for use at both the early property marketing stage, or as an update to an existing property advertisement if a property becomes vacant and no new deal is in place because:

  1. The current tenant does not always have a interest in the success of your video. In fact the most popular video tour so far was viewed 7 million times on twitter because the tenant was dissatisfied and decided to focus on highlighting a previous infestation issue, badly installed or defective items, and a damp issue in the property
  2. A well-produced video that uses professional filming techniques and edits if necessary to guide viewers through the tour will be more engaging than the alternatives
  3. Renters are reporting deeper emotional connections with video that goes beyond photos so we also offer a low cost package of 12 standard property photos to supplement videos and save on your photography fees
  4. Portals and other platforms do not want to store your large sized video, they just want a link to where it is hosted. So let us handle the complexities and costs involved in hosting videos and then simply send you the web link you need
  5. We film our video tours in such a way that you can also use them for booked 1-1 video viewings with applicants saving you multiple trips to the property and reserves physical viewings for the most serious applicants
  6. From as little as £35 for up to a 3-bedroom property we will save you the hours and costs involved in attending, filming, editing, finalising and storing videos
  7. Video is most effective on vacant properties so you can instruct us to record a more engaging video after a check out to boost the appeal of your property
  8. As professional property inspectors we already have a proven track record in inspecting properties, staging properties to present in photos and presenting information so let us do the leg work in the field so that you can do more of the deal work at the desk

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We can provide services for as little as £35 for up to a 3 bedroom house. To recieve details of our packages and examples of our work please complete the quick request form below and we will email you shortly.