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Skilled, easier and low cost – Home Inventories new video tour services

May 27, 2020 0 Comments
Home inventories image of video tours and viewings service

Home Inventories continues to deliver ‘More Than Just a Report’ with the launch of property video tours and photo services for property owners, sales and lettings agents. With immediate availability across london, surrey, berkshire, kent and sussex, the service aims to help clients to close more deals as the property industry embarks on a journey in to the new normal.

Recent research and portal figures show buyers, renters and landlords are increasingly returning to the market. Interestingly video viewings were significantly influencing shoppers shortlisting and final decisions during the UK lockdown.

The government took note and included them within their guidelines as routine best practice for the property marketing process moving forward. Responding to some of the challenges involved Daniel Evans, Managing Director at Home Inventories, decided “We want to use our expertise to help our clients to close more deals and faster.”


Here are 6 reasons why the services can deliver a great return on your investment:

1. The market is adjusting – During the 4 weeks of lockdown leading up to the 25th April 2020 Zoopla reported increased searches by users entering the keywords ‘video tours’ which currently form 8% of the total listings on the portal, a figure which is increasing rapidly

2. Video alone has been generating offers – Regional agencies like Chestertons served 3,432 video viewings and received 396 offers (11% conversion) by making video viewings available on over 50% of their properties.  Felicity J Lord increased the provision of video viewings from 25% of their properties to nearly 85% and report that they were dealing with over 1000 new letting enquiries a day.

3. Video is most effective on vacant and empty properties – Yes Home Inventories can produce videos at the early stage but if a deal is not completed before a check out then in many cases your inventory clerk is the first available person after the check out to complete a tour under these conditions so you can update your property listings

4. Renters are reporting deeper emotional connections with video that goes beyond photos and provides them additional reassurance and the confidence to put offers forward

5. The new videos are recorded in a way that they can be used for video tours and video viewings to reduce trips to the property

6. As professional property inspectors Home Inventories already has a proven track record in inspecting properties, staging properties to present in photos and presenting information so let the clerks do the leg work in the field so that you can do more of the deal work at the desk


Video services start from as little as £35 for up to a 3 bedroom property inclusive of attendance, editing as necessary, storing videos and serving you the final link to add to your promotional platforms.

For details on the packages and prices just fill in the short form below.  Alternatively you can click here for more information.



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