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We employ our team and avoid using freelancers like most of our competitors so that we can provide you with professional excellence, greater consistency, and a helpful familiar face for your services

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With nearly 20 years experience in the property rental business our management team has knowledge of the letting of properties, property management and the inventory process. The team holds extensive ARLA qualifications, AIIC membership and firsthand experience to ensure the inventory process and your questions are dealt with thoroughly and comprehensively.

Nick Di Palma

Office Manager

Nick’s ‘let’s do it’ attitude and humour is the life of the office and he is a vesatile multi tasker successfully co-ordinating…

Sue Tuke

Human Resources Director

With 20 years property inspection experinece Sue knows effective process, communicaton and detail is key to deliver what you need from the…

Marvin Miller

Business Development Manager

With a backround in law, marketing and business consultancy Marvin is all about understanding environments and collaborating to deliver simplicity and results.

Daniel Evans

Managing Director and Board Member of the AIIC

Daniel is a lateral thinker with a strong property backgound which allows him to create solutions to complex issues, and manage the…

Inventory Clerks

– Our diverse talented full time clerks have worked in numerous positions throughout the property services industry and with typically 2- 14 years experience. Regularly working on rentals from £700 per month to £55,000 per month you can rest assured we have a robust skill base to assist even in the most difficult of situations.


Inventory Clerk & Training Manager


Inventory Clerk


Inventory Clerk


Inventory Clerk & Training Manager


Inventory Clerk


Inventory Clerk


Inventory Clerk


Inventory Clerk

Current Affiliation

The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks is the largest organisation in the United Kingdom representing the interests of inventory clerks across the country, and working towards improving standards for all reports across the industry.

As Board Members of the Association we are recognised as one of the market leaders working collaboratively with others on policy and information production to help and inform our colleagues and raise awareness within the wider Private Rented Sector of our role.

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If you are interested in joining the Home Inventories team please submit your details using the form below, ensuring you have attached a copy of your CV for us to review.

We will be in contact within 24 hours to let you know of any suitable positions we may current have open.

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