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Serving you even better with Home Inventories new website

October 22, 2022 0 Comments
Looking at the new home inventories website for inventory clerks, letting agents, landlords and tenants in London Surrey Kent and Berkshire

Alot of inventory clerks take it for granted that as an essential part of the lettings process you already know what we do, why it is important to you, and what more we can do to make the management of your tenancy easier and more transparent.

The industry is still relatively young and for a little over the past 15 years establishing client relationships was arguably a land grab. As legislation and arbitration around tenancy deposit schemes increased the demand for independant reporting in particular, it was good enough just to be available, friendly and know how to cover yesterdays basics.

Long before the Covid-19 pandemic we recognised the need for a new normal. Firstly, the standard of inventory reporting we have come across within the industry needs to be improved. Secondly, as an overall service, inventory clerks can do that little bit more that will go a long way to making tenancy management easier and more transparent across the beginning, middle, and end for landlords, agents, tenants and adjudicators.

Our website was not our first step towards that vision because we have been providing ‘More Than Just A Report’ for a few years now. But, we are proud that our new website will help our clients, the wider private rental sector, and commercial sector to consider industry trends, dynamics and what is possible with inventory clerk services in this ‘show me the value’ era of property services.

From service related information, advice, and ‘added value’ services through to important industry news, commentary, and easy online booking options we certainly have turned it up a few notches.

May this be our next step in leading our industry towards the next phase of delivering more time-saving, more skilled, and more transparent independent inventory reporting.

As always we wish you a progressive period ahead.

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